Effective Event Management aims to change your views on health and safety and give you a positive experience in ensuring your event is compliant in all aspects pertaining to the event.

In accordance with current South African legislation, our Health and Safety team will project manage your health and Safety to ensure compliance from all your appointed contractors crews.

Event health & safety is an integral part of any event and failure to make provision for health and safety at your event is as good as making provision for failure. Health and safety is often an overlooked aspect of an event and is not always given the proper consideration, however it is one of the most critical elements in the planning and staging of a successful event. A main reason health and safety is overlooked is that health and safety is misunderstood and seen as a cumbersome requirement filled with red tape and clipboards.

We are here to guide and assist you through the potential health and safety pitfalls associated with hosting an event. We offer full turnkey solutions to ensure a seamless and coordinated service.

There is no denying the benefits of a well-planned event. While the client and their guests are wowed by the sound, lighting, décor and food, your dream event wouldn’t be possible without the consideration of the safety aspects of your event.

With Effective Event Management you are able to source all your health and safety requirements from a single source. We utilize only the best service providers and products, ensuring world class support and back-up.

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