Most events and venues will require that presentation be made to the local JOC (Joint Operations Committee) for approval.

Effective Event Management will prepare, submit and perform all the required liaisons with the authorities in respect of local council by-laws, the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its Regulations, National Building Codes, SASREA, COID and all other disaster risk management requirements.

The JOC clearance is very beneficial to any event as it is a way of ensuring local council compliance in terms of fire regulations, waste management, crowd control and emergency services.

In instances where events have been shut down or have not gone ahead the most likely reason for this happening is that the organisers did not go through the JOC for approval.


  • Drafting of the Event Management Plan
  • Application to SAPS for the Event Risk categorization
  • Drafting of the Event Security Plan
  • Drafting of the Event Medical Plan
  • Drafting the Event Risk Assessment
  • Obtaining layout approval from the local Emergency Management Services
  • Sourcing the venues emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Requesting proof of public liability insurance from all parties
  • Presentations to City Councils JOC for event clearance


We are able to take on any event from its conceptualisation to completion or we are able to manage specific areas within the scope of the event.

In short we can deliver a world class event.

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