The build-up and break-down activities of any event consist of construction related activities which need to be properly managed in terms of the health and safety compliance for each activity.

This can include ensuring that people who work at height have the necessary documentation or that those who operate machinery, vehicles, ladders and tools are suitably qualified and have received the necessary training.

It would be highly unlikely that an event organiser would have the time to ensure compliance in all the construction activity related to an event, therefore we have Safety Officers who are trained in the OHS requirements of these activities and ensure that the said activities and contracted Service Providers are compliant with the requirements of the OHS Act and its Regulations.

Effective Event Management offer suitably qualified Event Safety Officers who are based on site for the setup, event and strike.

Our safety officers will represent your organisation and ensure that your suppliers, contractors and venue are working in a safe manner at all times.

The Event safety officers carry the Event Management Plan with them and act as a set of eyes and ears for you and your client, ensuring a secure and safe working environment as well as a compliant and event-ready venue for your client.

The duties of the safety officer include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspections of contractors safety files
  • Monitoring that workers are working in a safe manner
  • Ensuring that the venue is compliant in terms of EMS requirements
  • Ensuring the medics are visible
  • Co-ordinating the various suppliers construction activities on site

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